Dx11 and vsync? (Packaged game gets locked at 30fps after frame drop)

So, I’m at it again with the final touches.
this includes testing packaged projects, and obviously redesigning almost all menus.

Immidiately (after solving packaging errors due to attempting to include editor stuff inside a packaged game) the executable loads, the level loads (In 800x600 I think).
because I dont have this on the main menu (part of why I have to rework it) I open up the game menu, and open the graphics setting panel. Instant crash.
blaming d3dx11
This used to be a .23 issue that was solved.

Knowing that I poke and prod. Open up my widgets and compile them again.
after 2 or 3 different trials, the menu finally loads. All god on that. I set my settings and enable vsync.

all good here too. I’m around 50fps at 4k. Not too bad.
I start moving around, get to the hard go render stuff and lag down to 24.
from then on I am limited at 30fps until I disable Vsync.

Why is this? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Literally walking back to areas I know run well does not change the FPS above 30.

To benchmark this (because its packaged and because I don’t want to bog unreal) I’m using FRAPS, so there is no doubt on the actual frame rate.

The monitor is 60htz. Runs everything perfectly fine at 60fps (or supposedly above even though that’s not real since the refresh rate is 60htz).

Any and all insight as to why this is welcome.