Dx 12

Sooo… Anyone else watching the MS presentation? That performance gain seems pretty insane. Anyone have any idea about what magic is at work here?

Awww… Unity is implementing it (5?)

It’s going to be added to UE4 too, but no idea when.

Just like unity 5… No idea when :slight_smile:

I see a graph months ago with a example and the performance its very good, but its a scene its pepared for that, for stress the CPU. You not going to see that performance in a real game. Anyway is something that could benefit in the future games.

It’ll certainly be better than now, however much it does

We’ve been working with Microsoft who have implemented DX12 support in UE4. They have the Elemental and Infiltrator demos running as well as one of their own AAA games, Fable Legends.

Developers with access to the DX12 early access program and an active UE4 subscription already have access to the UE4-DX12 source code.

I think DX12 is not really important at the moment since it will most likely only run on windows 10. And I guess Windows 10 will get the same “love” as Windows 8 and 8.1. People will just stay at Windows 7, except they buy a new PC where Windows 10 is already installed.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for anyone with Windows 7 or newer. I’ll be upgrading once there’s DX12 content or when it’s officially released. Windows 8 is great, it’s lighter weight, you get better performance in games, and faster boots, but the UI isn’t great. Just adding an optional official start menu would of been enough for me to move to Win 8.

Free for one year though…

I think it means that Microsoft is moving to an “OS as a Service” model, with 10 being bound to specific hardware.

I’d rather prefer all my software is bound to my name/person so that I can use it on whatever hardware and platform I’m on at the moment. I guess I’m in minority wanting this…

You got it wrong, they are offering a free upgrade period of one year for Windows 7+. You have a year to decide to switch to Windows 10, not that it will only be free for a year.

Hmm I could’ve sworn I read that it would be free for a year then become payware and locked to a specific hardware and be a “service”.

Maybe the site I read it on didn’t get it right, but it was one of the tech news sites (can’t remember which one though atm).

What about UE4.7 DX12 update?

It’s probably not going to get official DX12 added until Windows 10 and DX12 are released.

The only official word is that “Windows 10 will be free for one year after release”… what that means exactly, no one knows and is up for interpretation. What I would like to see is a “pay per module” type of thing, with all of the basics in the free-version. Need services.msc? $5.00 for that… need eventvwr.msc? $5.00 for that, etc…

The only reason I got Windows 7 ultimate was that I needed just two of the additional things that Ultimate had that Pro didn’t :\ I don’t need all the other stuff, like napclcfg.msc

I know, I`m in DX Early Access. DX 12 Build is stuck since 4.4 version.

Also, Microsoft had a space in their GDC booth where developers could bring their 4.6 projects to get them up and running ontop of DX12.

Since the win 10 technical preview 9926 in my surface pro 3 already has dx 12 installed. So I’m wondering if any new release of UE 4 will start using the API soon in win 10 preview machines?

Hi, resurrecting this thread, how to test and implement DX12 features in Unreal Engine 4.9 (Preview 4)? What can we use specifically to see the fancy schmancy DX12 stuff?