DX 11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine

Hi there,

I am sorry if I am posting this issue in the wrong place, if so please advise me on the best place to post it.

I am trying to run Unreal Engine 4.18.3 on windows 10. I had done it on both VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation 15.5 where the host is Windows 10 as well.

Although the direct X version shipped with Windows 10 is 12, I keep getting the same error

‘DX 11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine’. as shown in the attached image.

I would appreciate it if someone had faced the same problem before or knows how to solve it.

Thanks in advanced ​​​​​​​

I am getting the same with a Windows 10 virtual machine as well.

it seems people here from Unreal engine support are not very interested in user’s problems. Your best bet is to forget using the virtual machine as it is almost impossible to utilize the GPU. That was the only viable way to do it.

3D intensive software like UE4 are very unlikely to run virtually, it’s just the lack of support for those advanced graphical features in the virtual machine software that prevent it from working. Epic can’t do anything about it.