Dwarf - Development of my first Game

Hi, my Name is Chris and currently i`m developing my fist game in UE4.
Its kind of aHack&Slay with Focus on Multiplayer Online plus Local-Coop.

An early Demo is now available under the following Link:

This is my Facebook-Site, where i will drop Information about the state of Development in the Future:

Hey Chris, this is a nice start, swinging the mace around right after hitting the jump key is amusing indeed! Nice use of UMG for the mini-level up system as well.

In terms of feedback I would focus on more more fluid movements and animations for combat, add more combat moves and maybe relax the stamina bar requirements a bit. The movement feels jerky at times which for a hack n’ slash genre takes away from the fun.

Also the AI needs to be a bit more aggressive as well perhaps!

Hey, youre absolutely right…animations are faaaar away from being goof/ fluid, …think i still need a bunch of time to get the things working properly; have you tried to play with a Gamecontroller? its much better in my opinion