Duplicating StaticMeshActor with the same label as it's Static Mesh results in weird behaviour

When I copy and paste a static mesh actor that has the exact same label as it’s static mesh, the pasted actor will end up having a renamed static mesh and it’s usually a null reference. This behaviour occurs most of the time, but not all the time.

To reproduce the bug, open the Third Person Example Project. In the project, rename the floor actor to “CubeMesh” and duplicate the actor. Notice that the duplicated actor has a renamed static mesh and it’s a null reference.

Hell merubiny,

I followed your reproduction steps but I am unable to reproduce the issue.

Steps I took :

1.) Open New Third Person Example Project
2.) Renamed the “Floor” Asset in the world outliner to “Cube Mesh”
3.) Alt + moved the floor to duplicate

I was unable to see the Null reference as you described.

Hey ,

Just to be sure, you have to name the “Floor” asset to “CubeMesh”, without the space.

Another way to reproduce the bug is to create a new sub level, name the “Floor” asset to “CubeMesh” (without the space), and move it to the sub level.

It seems like this does not occur in all versions of UE4. I’ve tested with other versions and I didn’t get the problem.


Yes, I did rename the “Floor” asset to “CubeMesh,” without the space. I will attempt to recreate the issue by adding ad Sub level and renaming the Floor.

As I am unable to reproduce this issue I cannot report this as a bug.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue. If in the future you are able to reproduce this issue, consistently, please post here again with reproduction steps. At that time I will continue to investigate this issue at that time.

Old thread, but still applicable for me here, holding alt and trying to move slightly altered sphere mesh ( geometry) doesnt’ work…does this alt method only work with a ‘static’ mesh and not just a bsp ?


NVM, answer clearly is yes-sometimes I"m afraid to make static until I’m sure it looks as I want it to, but these were simple steps,once converted so much easier and quicker to alter …as if :wink: