Duplicating instance with transform

Hi all

DOes anyone know if its possible to duplicate an instanced mesh multiple times along a transform. For example I have some street lamps, I want to duplicate it 40 times along the X axis, or perhaps have candles on a chandelier that I want to rotate around a pivot to create 10 instances.


Hi Paulr70,

You can do this with the construction script in the blueprint to place meshes.

You can take a look at the examples from Content Examples > Open Level > Blueprints_Advanced.umap

If you don’t already have Content Examples you can download it from the Learn tab in the Launcher.

Here are the examples that demonstrate what you would like to do. Blueprint Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

Specifically take a look at the 1.2 and 1.3.

Thanks for the reply Tim, I was kind of hopeful you`d say sure its ctrl+alt+d and it would bring up a window to duplicate object by xx amount in either the x,y,z with a spacing of xx like in maya for example.
But instead its something like this below , lol. I hope they add these features to unreal soon. Its a great package but does lack alot of the basics.