Duplicating ActorSequenceComponent doesn't create a new Sequence

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Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here

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Using the experimental ActorSequenceComponent, you can store multiple Actor Sequences on one actor (I’d love to be able to store ActorSequences as assets, but that’s another thing). However, if you duplicate one, both Components refer to the same Sequence and editing one edits the other.

-Enable the experimental ActorSequenceComponent plugin

-In a Blueprint, add an ActorSequenceComponent and add some tracks/keys to it

-Do that again, adding different tracks and keys

-You can see that selecting one of the components and clicking “Focus Tab” shows you the sequence for that component, and you can edit them individually.

-Now duplicate one of the ActorSequenceComponents.

-Modify the sequence for either the ActorSequenceComponent you duplicated, or the duplicate, and note how the changes affect both. You have two Components for the same Sequence for no reason.


Hey - i got the same issue - did you find a solution? I mean - your post was actually long ago… Thank you