Duplicating actor with foliage attached causes crash,and some other related issues

1 Enable world partition.
2 Duplicate an actor with some foliage on it.

I can repeat this crash everytime, my workaround is Not copying anything with foliage attached.
Foliage actors sometime can be floating ,may be due to unloaded host ? deleted host? not sure…
Constantly warning something has no bounds when opening a level.
Foliage world partition loading range is currently set to 25600, and I have not found anyway to change it, which is nessasary, imagine a forest generally need to be seen from a large distance,I tried to assign a HLOD layer with “always loaded” marked, no avail, actually the HLOD layer is also kind confusing , not sure how it supposed to be used properly…

Another problem, Foliage is not able to draw on any level instances and custom BP actor in the scene, which is a PITA, as matter of affect , the new ue5 features encourage us to use more and more static meshes to assmeble large structure,then instanced mesh assemblies will be used fairly alot,in that case, the foliage tool must support to draw on anything in the scene that are based from mesh objects…

My UE5 testing project normally causes more than 10 times crashing everyday, really looking forward to a next version!