Duplicating a return node is adding additional outputs

As you can see from the below image, if I copy and paste (Doesn’t matter which method, all have the same result) then the return node is adding additional Outputs. They’re not on the details panel when I select the duplicate return node, and as you can see they look like duplications of the outputs I already have.

Compiling this blueprint produces an error, I can only assume it has something to do with me splitting the struct pin prior to duplicating the node?

Remove both and add a new one with RightClick => ReturnNode. Then compile, then add the second one.

This. 99% sure this is happening because of the split struct. They’re still not handled gracefully enough throughout blueprints.

So yeah, right clicking and adding a new return node worked that way - I should have mentioned I’d already tried this before posting the question. The annoyance was losing all the connections with other nodes I’d tried to copy at the same time when pasting it all back in.