Duplicated UMG widgets are retaining UserWidget variable values from original widget


I have a very weird problem that is not always reproducible. The scenario is pretty straight forward. I have a simple user widget with a text widget inside which is bound to a string variable. I place this user widget in another widget called ‘Panel Widget’ and give a value to the string variable.

The problem starts here. I have to make many of these ‘Panel Widget’ s. So I just duplicate the first one, rename it and just give a different value to the string variable of the User Widget inside. But some ‘Panel Widgets’ (not all) will still have the string value from the first ‘Panel Widget’ during runtime even after it was assigned a different value during editing. If I open that ‘Panel Widget’ and click on the user widget in UMG editor, the value gets refreshed and works fine in runtime too. But again goes back to the old value if I restart the project.

So far, the only solution I’ve found is to delete the string value and re-enter it in each of the problematic ‘Panel Widget’ and compile. But I’m hoping there is a way to resolve this?

Anyone know anything about this?

Without knowing how you set your variable or where it is exactly stored: Did you enable “Instance Editable” on your string variable?