Duplicated third person bp and anim. Montage wont play?

So I finished making a custom player using the third person bp (new mesh, animations, ect).

Not sure if this is best practice or not but I duplicated the blue print and anim bp and started to fix all the errors for the second custom player (new mesh, animations, blend spaces ect). Took me almost all day to fix bugs but I finally down to one. My problem is my upperbody montage won’t play. Only plays when I set the montage to the default group. I’ve looked at blue prints over and over and can’t make it out what it is.

Do slots and groups get distorted or shared when you duplicate blue prints? Do I have to create new groups?

Hey there, the animblueprint seems fine to me, just make sure spine_01 is set on the layered blend per bone. Duplicating shouldn’t affect that, but you can try creating a new simple animblueprint a see if that makes a difference.

You my friend are the greatest. Didn’t see that options since it was tucked in, in different sub arrows.

Good to know :slight_smile: