Duplicated objects sharing UV space

Hello guys so the title kind of says it all, i am still a mediocre 3D modeller but i think i am doing allright but i seem to get into situations with certain objects where my UV map is occupied by duplicated meshes UV shells unnecessarily.

So i want to know if i can make two identical objects share the same UV space, so just UV one of those objects and that will be able to texture the other objects, take a set of stairs for example each step will just be a duplicated version of the first one.

Is this possible, if so how?


P.S i use maya if that helps explain it.

For texturing you can definitely do that and should when you can–it allows you to get higher detail in your textures without using large textures.

For your second channel for the lightmap you can’t have anything overlapping though since all areas will have unique lighting.

Thanks for the reply but how would i go about doing this in maya, would i literally just delete the shells of the duplicated objects?

No, you would make them overlap in the UV’s. So if you modeled a stair step and texture it, you can just copy and paste it to create the rest of the steps and the rest of them will overlap on the same part of the texture, which is exactly what you would want. Otherwise, you would need all of the steps as separate areas in the texture which is a waste of space if they need to look exactly the same.

alright thanks for that man :slight_smile: