Duplicated actions UE 4.21.2

Hi. Yesterday I’ve update UE to 4.21.2 and after this update I receive some strange errors.
I’ve tested with Print after Event BeginPlay in Level BP and I’ve seen that the print is triggered two times. I’ve tested with print because I didn’t knew why my widget was opened two times on my viewport. This widget it’s a locker for a safe box and just saw that the widget was opened two times. So right now all my actions from level bp are triggered twice and I don’t know why. Is this a bug? Or it’s something with my project?
Thank you!

Edit: Tested a new project and it works fine.
On my project with 4.21.2 the only changes I’ve done were that I’ve created Streaming levels but all my BPs are in my persistent level.

Have anyone run into the same problem? Still can’t fix it! Even my sounds are triggered twice. My fps is dropping down because of this.
Thank you!

Edit: I have a box trigger which will start a TV . So on begin overlap the TV was triggered twice. I’ve deleted the OnActorBeginOverlap event and I created it again and now is triggered only once. I’ve tried the same with Event Begin but it doesn’t work.