Duplicate Project

i think that not exist or i can’t found it.

a easy way for duplicate project in the browser would be nice.

Hi Knack,

I wanted to get a little bit of feedback from you on this topic.

There isn’t a way to duplicate a project within the browser, you could do this in the Documents/Unreal Projects/ folder by copying your folder there. Then next time you load up the project browser your project would be there duplicated.

Is there a specific need for this functionality? If so, why?


Were you just curious if it was functionality that was included or not?

If there are legitimate reasons and enough backing this is something I could pass along to developers to look into how feasible it would be to include.

Thank you!



did not know copy and paste was enough for duplicate, that’s perfect. I googling, and read somewhere that i must change for duplicate multiple files (ini)


i just searched for the same thing. I swear there was an easy way to clone projects from within the browser (so you can make changes and have a build to go back to in case you screw things up. Compiling + Autosaves = what you do, you’re stuck with!), but I couldn’t find it either.

So Copy + Paste the folders is the answer?

Oh its in the “Library” section. Whoops. Sorry to bump a closed topic!


this idea wpuld be fantastic…for me i like to create solo games however id also like to make that same project a 2v2 and 3v3 etc…but i wouod need to re create the entire map again as a seperate project to set up the new game mode…it would seem very beneficial to have a duplicate option so we dont have to go and re create the same map again for 3v3 etc, very time consuming…would love a duplicate project option added