Duplicate mesh within Blueprint unable to select or edit


When I multi-select meshes to add to a new blueprint, any duplicated mesh within the selection cannot be selected or edited within the Blueprint editor.

Step to replicate:

  1. Select mesh, duplicate it.
  2. Select the same mesh and its duplication
  3. Right mouse click on the group selection and select “Level” → “Create Packed Level Actor”
  4. Complete the naming and saving process for the new Blueprint
  5. Select the Edit BPP_XXXX link to load the BPP editor
  6. If I select the mesh that was the “original” copy I am able to move, scale etc, however if I try and select its duplicate within the same BPP I am unable to select it. I can see the duplicate mesh but am unable to select it. Changes made to the original mesh are also not applied to the duplicate within the BPP editor.

Not sure if I am creating the BPP incorrectly or if this is some form of bug.

Any advice would be great, thanks.