Duplicate Interface Message function

After updating a project from UE 4.13 to UE 4.14 one of our interfaces has duplicate interface messages. As far as I can tell, only one of these duplicates works, but both of them appear identical.

This problem did not exist before updating to 4.14, and as far as I can tell, is not present on any of the other interfaces I’ve been working with. The duplicate message appeared in both the player blueprint and the HackingConsole blueprint, but after a restart only persist in the player blueprint. Before this, the location of the “real” message was different depending on the blueprint.

Hello MonolithCode,

It seems like this could be a conversion issue. To test that, can you try a few migration things for me and let me know the results as far as these duplicates go?

  1. Migrate the Interface from the 4.13 version of the project to a newly created 4.14 project
  2. Migrate the Interface from the 4.14 version of your project (the one where you’re experiencing the issue) to a newly created 4.14 project
  3. Make a copy of your 4.14 project. In the copy, delete the interface itself and then make sure that the functions are not still available. Migrate the interface from your 4.13 version directly to the 4.14 project and see if you still have the duplicates.

Hey, sorry for the late response. Migrating the interface did fix the duplication issue, but I had already worked around this problem by recreating the interface in the base project. It seems to have been a conversion issue, and fairly easily resolved (the interface wasn’t being used very extensively yet).

Thank you for the response.