Duplicate iCCP chunk

In attempting to package my project, I’m getting a warning in the output log to the tune of:

“LogImageWrapper: Warning: PNG Warning: Duplicate iCCP chunk”

Unsure what to make of it, as no additional info is provided. My project contains no PNG files, aside from the auto screenshot. Any advice?


Bump. Any solution?

Got the same in editor

@Gradess @Lorenze

I created the project in version 4.24 and made the mistake of upgrading to 4.25 mid-development. When I downgraded back to 4.24 I no longer got the warning.

Still no idea what caused the warning or what the actual solution should be, so sorry if my solution isn’t applicable in your case.

I’m on 4.25 and haven’t this warning before. Don’t have an idea what caused this

Huh, I wonder if it’s specific to 4.25 then. It might me worth your while to upgrade to 4.26 or 4.27 and see if it persists?

I’m on 4.27, your theory doesn’t work :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, it was a worth a try:/

When in doubt, it sometimes helps to backup only the content, config, and uproject files to an external drive, delete the project from your computer, and then move the backed-up project files back and try from scratch.

I hope it won’t bring critical issues in the future, but if it will I’m going to use your advice

It’s never created critical issues for me before, but I don’t know enough about how UE4 works to claim it’s 100% safe. I’d definitely recommend making a second backup of the project with all files. And if you possibly have a second computer, it might help to try the process on that computer first (with just the three files mentioned).

Best of luck!

In my case, the cause was the file:

Installed the program ImageMagick.
Launched the console command from the folder with the problem file (removing first “Read Only”):
magick mogrify Filter_24x.png

Problem solved.