Duplicate function doesn't move mesh (anymore) in the editor

Hi All,

Since a day or two, and without any logical cause, the duplicate function, ALT + drag, does duplicate my object but I can’t move the duplicated object anymore within the same action by dragging the mouse.
So, it still duplicates in-place of the original mesh but it refuses to move it to a new location when dragging. It moves one pixel to the right direction, then it stops and the viewport freezes until I release the mouse. Once I release the mouse, I can just move the newly duplicated mesh around without a problem.

I have no clue why this suddenly occurs but it’s annoying. It happens with any object in my project. It’s a VR Template but I don’t think that’s relevant since it’s in the editor. I use no additional plugins or blueprints.

Anyone else has had this problem? How can this be solved?

Do you have the grid snap on a high value?

Haha, well the Position Grid Snap value was set to 10 which isn’t too high but I changed it to 1 and the problem is solved. I then change it back to 10 and it still works. So, it seems in the background it used a much higher value than the one that is displayed in my viewport. Thanks a lot. You solved my problem!