Duplicate Enemy Blueprint not causing Damage

Hi All,

So I managed to create a “Boss” type BP which works perfectly fine, the boss chases me around and causes damage. Now I’ve duplicated the blueprint to make some “Mini” bosses, but they won’t cause me any damage and i can’t figure out why.
Do I have to make the BP from scratch but just copy what i did before?

Ok I seem to have found the answer. I needed to create a “Child Blueprint Class” of the Boss BP, instead of duplicating the BP itself.

Ok the “Child Blueprint Class” does do the job, the only I issue I have with this is that you can’t change the variables that are within the old blueprint. Like player distance. So if someone has found a way to duplicate an Enemy Blueprint and it functions as it should, please let me know. While i still try to figure it out myself.

Ok This time I have found the answer. The reason my enemy wasn’t damaging me, was because the collision notifiers in the animation blueprint were all still pointing at the old enemy blueprint. So all i had to do was in the original animation Blueprint, cast to the duplicated BP as well and that enabled collision notifiers to work again.