Duplicate and animate a large number of Skeletal Mesh

I want to duplicate and animate Skeletal Mesh in large numbers.
At the moment, using “Instanced Static Mesh”, we have succeeded in duplicating a lot of StaticMesh, but I want to animate this.
As an example, I want to make it look like the video below.
If there is any good way, I want to tell.

Hey buddy,

as far as i know you are going to need a skeletal mesh for anything that you want to animate.

to get the same effect at the one in the video you will need to create a spawner that creates all of these skeletal mesh’s at run time you could then set the anim instance to cycle randomly through the idle animations.

is this what you had in mind?


if you are animating a HUGE number of skeletal meshes… you might also consider using vertex animation on static meshes instead… baking skeletal animations into vertex displacement textures which can animate static meshes using their materials. It might be exactly what you are looking for :slight_smile:

There are videos online showing how to do it… I’ve done it and it’s certainly possible… you can do it manually or there is at least one toolset on the marketplace which may make the process quite a bit simpler:

if you use the same animation bp and only have the one anim they should all play the same animation

Thank you.

The link images move randomly, but I want all meshes to have the same animation.

If so, will the method change?

Thank you. I will consider it.

did this solve your issue? @styn