Description: This is an open world MMORPG where players will create their own character and start in Alsin the begging town surrounded by a mountain range in the Barious region this is where players will begin their journey to the top.


  1. Vast crafting systems
  2. Quest & Loot
  3. No level cap
  4. Open world
  5. PVP & PVE
  6. & More

Team Structure:
ClideGaming(me): Project manager, concept artist

Previous Work:
This is the first project I plan to complete I have some experience with the unreal engine.

Talent Requirements:
Blueprint Scripting:

  • needs some experience with scripting
  • communication with the team
  • must be familiar with the unreal engine blueprint system

3D Character Modeling:

  • must have experience with 3D modeling
  • must have experience with a 3D modeling software compatible with unreal engine
  • must create unique models no copying

3D artist:

  • must have experience with 3D modeling
  • must have knowledge with a 3D modeling softwareunreal engine compatible
  • must make unique modelsno copying


More Information:
This is a long term project and i will need help creating this game once we finish the vast majority of the game we will release a beta to showcase before we put it on kickstarter to get crowdfunded for the project.Feel free to email me or send a message through skype at anytime of the day i will get back to you asap and although this is a huge project i dont expect you to work on it everyday all day long thank you for your time.