Dungeonhaven - Explore sentient dungeons as a knight who can turn to stone in this action rpg

Hello everyone.
The last year has been an incredible journey, starting out as a solo developer and meeting an amazing artist at an Unreal Engine meetup here in San Francisco has been a dream come true. Building a playable game is no small task for two people, and the challenges we’ve had to overcome have felt impossible at times. But here we are, excited to show you Dungeonhaven for the first time! We’ve got a lot more work to do, and we’ll be keeping you up to date on social media, so follow us out at one (or more) of the links below for more screenshots, videos, and story details. Thanks for being among the first to check out our work, and it’s ok if you want to hate, we understand!

In Dungeonhaven you find yourself caught in a war between sentient dungeons. For each dungeon core you defeat, you may drain its power (Mega Man style). You begin the game with the power to turn to stone (Geomancy) and will need to strategically choose between other powers as you proceed deeper into the game.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, Unreal has an incredibly passionate development community and we feel so grateful to all of you.


All screenshots and videos are in-game content.







Hey guys :slight_smile: and here’s a follow up on some artwork for this game in a bit more details!


Main hero

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Looking really good guys :slight_smile: Keep up the great work !

Seems like it’s shaping up pretty well, good job :slight_smile:

Do you mind providing some more details about the game?

Of course! What would you like to know? We’ll be adding more info over the coming days, as well as participating in screenshot Saturdays. Anything you’re specifically curious about?

Im so stunning !!! that graphic and gameplay so good :):slight_smile:

Just some details about the core mechanics, gameplay progression and general systems driving the game.

Thank you for the kind words!

You begin the game encased in stone, caught in a war between living dungeons. One of your first abilities enables you to return to your stone form, making you immune to physical damage, fire, disease, and pausing any status effects. If you manage to defeat a dungeon, you will have the option to drain its core of all essence, granting you additional powerful abilities. This is one of the ways progression works in Dungeonhaven.


You can turn to stone even in the middle of any animation!

Very very impressive! congratulations!

That’s an interesting ability which looks quite nice in that gif :slight_smile:

You mention being able to drain dungeons for their essence, does that mean each dungeon has specific properties linked to a certain ability you can only get by beating them? Or does it just give you additional points to unlock those additional abilities in a skil tree?

In terms of structure, is the game split into separate dungeon levels with a linear progression or are these dungeons all part of a major hub that you can explore?

We will be posting some updates soon in regards on mane of these questions, so make sure you follow up on twitter https://twitter.com/dungeonhaven or any other social media :). And thanks for kind words guys!

Yes, precisely.

Nonlinear progression. After the introduction you can explore any dungeon you like and revisit any dungeon. Some dungeons will be more difficult if you haven’t already acquired certain abilities. Secret areas are sometimes gated by ability requirements as well, so backtracking can be rewarding. In some ways a comparison to the classic Mega Man series works. Most of these features aren’t yet set in stone (pun intended), including the ability to challenge the final battle at any time. It would be really hard without any abilities, but possible for a player of legendary skill.

Sounds pretty good! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

This looks awesome! Honestly looks like something a professional game studio would make!

Whoa! Looks fantastic!

Thanks! We still have more polish today before reaching that level, but I’m glad you like it – thanks for the vote of confidence :))

Thanks a lot guys!

This looks sweeeet. Followed you on twitter!

What sort of combat feel are you going for? Is it a faster-paced, one-hit-kills-multiple-enemies or a more deliberate, skill-based sort of system?

Hey thanks for support! We are thinking to go for more skill based combat style but at certain conditions you can reach the point where you kill enemies fast, but I’ll have to do some spoilers to explain so stay tuned for more information!