Dungeon Tamer - A Monster Taming RPG

Hey there, I wanted to share a work in progress of a new indie game project
Dungeon Tamer
Its a Monster Taming, Turn Based RPG set in a dark and mysterious world. You play a young sorcerer who has been task with helping humanity during a dark and trying time. Explore a vast world full of wonder, mystery and dread.

Here are some runes assets i made. More updates on creatures should be coming soon. Thank you for stopping by.

Looks good, but there’s not much there yet in your game it seems. I will be following it though. I’ve been playing with ideas for a monster tamer myself, but tbh it seems big in scope to make such a game :frowning:

Hi there Rebel, Yeah ive only showing a fraction of the art that has been made for the game. Currently there are 2 people working on the game. Myself and programmer. We have made a ton of progress with the battle system and are currently refining some key features.
Hopefully well have our first dev blog to show off alot more stuff. Its a bit tedious since where such a small team so were hunkered down on polish the vertical slice of the game.
Thank you so much for checking it out!

Hi, looks promising.
I like the idea of monsters taming, how will it looks like combat wise? Like a Kudelka turn based, or action?

If you need a music composer, don’t hesitate to ask me. :slight_smile: Altrough I can’t use my Symphonic library anymore due to the fact that my desktop pc is dead so I compose on my laptop (I can’t install it and anyways there isn’t enough space).

Action/Horror - YouTube

Hi there Sat0Ken, Dungeon tamer is a turn based rpg. The combat is heavily influence by JRPG gameplay. You typically have simple formation with a front and back row.
That’s a pretty unique reference with kudelka. I never even heard of the game, but It looks really interesting.
Ill be messaging you about the music comp soon. I really dig what you have.

A small update of the starting area. Still a work in progress. but once its completed. ill be sure to post a update. DT-Gif_9_18_21

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very cool!

Thank you! I appreciate the support.

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Big update on our battle system by Paul Huymaier. We made alot of progress on our inventory system as well. Will show off more down the line.


Hey there, Check out our latest update on our Early Access Demo. Its free for you to try out. We would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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Hey @DreamerBelow,

Would you happen to have a trailer that we can see? I’d love to learn more about your game :smiley:

PS: Happy New Year!

Sure thing. We released it last month. It’s still a work in progress. Dungeon Tamer Early Access Demo Trailer - YouTube

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Hey @DreamerBelow, your Dungeon Tamer Demo Trailer is fantastic! From the fantastical creatures to the expansive but lovely level design, “Dungeon Tamer” looks terrific! You and your team are creating such a unique RPG, and I will certainly be trying out the demo. :slight_smile:

This looks excellent. Well done.