Dungeon & Medieval Sounds

Hey Guys,

Hope you and your family are safe.

Currently I’m working on a Dungeon & Medieval SFX Pack and I’d like to listen to your feedback of what I’m doing and gather some ideas of sounds to create.

So this is a little preview to show you what I have so far (currently 454 sounds and counting) … would love to know what you think. You’ll hear sounds like: blacksmith, nail, chop and saw, spikes (trap), wood and metal doors and gates, lock handling, acid and lava, bones, chains, chest open, church bells, coins, fire burst, glass, jar open, stone debris and move, torch swings and wood debris (suitable for wood crates being destroyed for example) and impact.

Click here to listen to the preview

Also working on the following sounds: ambient loops for caves, forest, city, harbor, rain… animals like insects/bugs, bats and rats… ropes, traps, switchers, metal impacts and debris, some form of rusty machinery,

I already have a Fantasy User Interface, Medieval Combat and* Magic Spells *packs so this new Dungeon & Medieval Sound pack won’t cover much of the what’s in the others like magic sounds, buttons/clicks (and other things related to interface like potions, loots, etc ) and weapon sounds

What am I missing? What you expect to find on a pack like this?