Dungeon Generator

[FONT=times new roman]DUNGEON GENERATOR (V2)
[FONT=times new roman]Hello everyone !
I have released my Dungeon Generator Asset.

Tired of manually building dungeons from modular pieces? Want to speed up this process, but keep a high control over the dungeon generation ? Then Dungeon Generator is made for you !

[FONT=times new roman]Check the documentation for more informations.
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[FONT=times new roman]**Main features : **

[FONT=times new roman]It will generate an entire dungeon for you by :

  • [FONT=times new roman]Creating rooms with random shapes,
  • [FONT=times new roman]Populating rooms with items (Chests, torches, Bookshelves,…)
  • [FONT=times new roman]Placing rooms in space, following the pattern you want (grid, BSP, Tree,… )
  • [FONT=times new roman]Linking rooms to each other with paths.

[FONT=times new roman]Moreover :

  • [FONT=times new roman]You can set up many options to generate the items you want inside the rooms.
  • [FONT=times new roman]You can manually place/delete/add rooms, even after the generation.
  • [FONT=times new roman]You can place custom room that you have entirely modeled in 3D (floor and doors will be automatically detected).
  • [FONT=times new roman]A travelling system is provided, offering you the possibility to transition from one level to another when the player go through “level doors”.
  • [FONT=times new roman]A begin room and an end room are automatically placed inside the dungeon. These rooms have level doors which allow the player to go to another level.
  • [FONT=times new roman]You can procedurally build the dungeon at runtime.
  • [FONT=times new roman]Example levels with top down controller and FPS controller are included.
  • [FONT=times new roman]A material to see the player through walls is included.
  • [FONT=times new roman]An example with a Cave-style dungeon is provided, showing you how to customize the basic functionalities to create more advanced item placement pattern.

[FONT=times new roman]Final_02.jpg


New tutorial video showing you how to setup the generator to create a Dungeon from zero :

As many of you asked me to add the “multi floors” feature, I’ve began to work on a new update for this product.
The update will bring more features to this product, including :

  • the possibility to spawn multiple floors
  • the ability to manually place paths,
  • new algorithm for path generation, and the possibility to place paths to link floors with stairs,
  • a little bit of refactoring on the whole system to make things a little bit easier,
  • ability to create hybrid rooms : Rooms which already have a floors and whose generation will create only walls, doors and internal items, resulting in both more control from you and less generated actors.

A little “work in progress” video :

**New Update released ! **

It brings lots of contents :

  • Multiple floors
  • Rework the paths generation
  • You can place paths between floors with the creation of stairs
  • Better manual generation
  • A huge rework of the system with the addition of room contents and the split of multiple features into ActorComponents
  • Add better loading screens when you generate a Dungeon at runtime
  • Add a system to handle the visibility of the character if he is masked by objects in top down view.
  • And lot of improvements

This product is 40% off during the UE4 marketplace Fall sale (until 11/27/18)

I have a discord for my UE4 assets don’t hesitate to join it :