Dungeon Crawler Start

MileStone Update
So far i have made progress on most of the blueprints. although most need the aesthetics applying to make them more pleasing and interesting to the player. but the functionality of these blueprints are close to finished.

Lasers are a simple trap against the player, if the player touches the red beam they are damaged. if the control box is damaged the laser shuts off. the designer placing the laser can set its end point. the control box can also be controlled by the designers to set whether the lasers repair themselves and turn back on or stay damaged.
I will be improving the customisability for the designer by being able to adjust speed, damage and having the control box control multiple lasers. I also want to make this blueprint more visually appealing using particle effects


The Chest Blueprint is highly changeable for the designer being able to set variables to change the requirements and rewards for the chest.
To improve this blueprint, proper meshes and particle effects will be used

Fast Travel
When a player enters the surround areas the player begins to capture the point. once it is capture it appears within a quick travel menu. as it is being captured it will also spawns enemies but this is yet to be added

once the AI spawns it will make the capturing process more interesting. The UI for the quick travel menu also needs work. I think that added a map and showing where the locations are would be provide more feedback to the player

Simple AI that follow a given path untill they see the player at which point follow the player attacking them
as this is the only AI so far it needs major improvements and added depth

Simple shop where the player can buy items. these items are determined by the designer who can also specify stock amounts and if the stock regenerates. game play could also add more items to the shop if needed.

Similar to the shop but it allows the player to sell back items but at a reduced rate for balancing. the shop remember what items have been sold to it and the player can then buy them back at full value.
Map BlockOut
quick fly over of my map
At the end you can see the large room. this is where the final boss will be along with the end point of the level.

I have also added a mini map to assist the player. this will be improved upon to hopefully show where key goals are such as shops and quick travel locations

General Play Though