Dungeon Builder


Hello everyone !
I have been working on an Editor tool which will speed up the process of creating buildings, dungeons, side scroller levels,…
This tool lets you “paint” cells on a grid, and you can customize what actors will be spawned in the cells by overriding a simple blueprint. This offers you the confort of an integrated editor tool with the modularity and simplicity of blueprints.

Get it now on the marketplace : Dungeon Builder in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

**Here is the presentation video of the tool : **

**Video playlist : **

**I tested it with the Multistory Dungeon asset from the marketplace **:

You can check the documentation here

I’ve added a new BuildingLogic to the Demo Project to make houses with roofs : [UE4] Dungeon Builder - Houses - YouTube

Hi I saw your dungeon creator video and wanted to know have you ever used RPG Maker? Is your plugin is similar to RPG maker or do you know of any grid/tile based Unreal Plugins that are similar to RPG maker’s?"
(Here’s a video link in case you’re unfamilar with RPG maker)

Also, do you know if your plugin works for version 4.20 ? The reason I’m asking is because I downloaded a custom version of the Unreal Engine (4.20) from Github and that makes it so unreal engine supports order independent transparency, which is pretty important feature for my game as it has lots of balloons and crystals."

Also,would you know how to go about creating looping maps/levels?

I’ve seen this before in other dungeon crawler type games

I added I link to a “looping” project for reference if you need:

Hello @tapirtoon
I have never used RPG Maker. But yes my tool is basically a tool to generate actors inside a grid. But I think I’ve already seen some grid tools for UE4 more focused on sprites and 2D over the internet.
If you want to make 2D in Unreal the kind of official plugin to do that is Paper2D. And I don’t think my tool is compatible with it (To be honest I’ve never used Paper2D so I’m not sure how they handle their sprites).

It could potentially work for 4.20 but you would have to recompile the plugin by yourself. And you may experience compilation errors.

Hmmmm. I think this looping feature is not linked to the generation of the level. Or at least not linked to any features of my tool :

  • In the first video I’m pretty sure he just teleports the player back (And he is probably using a render target to fake the environment in front of the player when the player comes to the extremity of the level). You can see the transition at 0:08.
  • In the second video, the buildings are probably spawned in front of the player and removed behind him. The fog hide the popping of the meshes.

Oh no, I definitely want my game to be in 3D. I was asking if it’s just like RPG Maker but in 3D??

How would I go about doing this?

When you get a plugin from the marketplace, you also get the source code (Located under …/Epic Games/UE_4.22/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/). You can copy/past the plugin you want inside you own project. If it’s located under “YourProject/Plugin/” folder, visual studio will compile it when you compile your project (your project must be a c++ project).

Ah, ok. Thanks!

Do you know how to make objects/assets in a 3D modeling program the same size as the cells in dungeon builder?

I don’t understand your question. You can change the size of the grid whenever you want so you can technically put meshes of any sizes inside.

I was asking what is the size of the grid cells in centimeters/meters and if this plugin shows you?