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@TheCouch The list is populated by UE4. However I have some flags set so that the default values can be modified after the class is selected from the dropdown box (which might be causing this issue). I’ll investigate this further

Hey Ryan, sorry for the delay. I’ve fixed the issue in 2.6.3 and I’ve uploaded 2.6.4-ea1 to the website

Version 2.6.4-ea1

  • Fixed a bug with pooling where actors from another dungeon where deleted
  • Exposed the snap confiugration to blueprints
  • Exposed the grid tool paint data to blueprints
  • Added wall separators to floorplan builder

Version 2.6.3
** * Fixed a critical bug with theme files that was crashing standalone builds**

  • IsNearMarker grid query function also retuns the number of nearby markers found nearby

I’ll be submitting 2.6.4 to the marketplace launcher soon

Ryan, City of Brass looks absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for using DA on your awesome game! I can’t wait to play it :smiley:

@motorsep as discussed, I’ve added Min/Max culling distance to the HISMC, however it doesn’t seem to work. I’ll investigate this further and let you know.

P.S: For now, your lights will get culled if you set the min/max draw distance setting in the advanced settings since they are not part of the instanced meshes

Component->InstanceStartCullDistance = Mesh->Template->MinDrawDistance;
Component->InstanceEndCullDistance = Mesh->Template->LDMaxDrawDistance;

@UppercutAJ I’m trying to get this streaming issue to show up in my computer but unable to. By standalone builds, do you mean a packaged project or Play > Standalone Game. I’ll also try with a packaged build

Here’s what I did:

  • Set the engine scalability to Medium
  • Build a dungeon really far away with meshes that have a 4K texture. Since they are too far away, only the lowest mip is streamed in
  • After the dungeon is built, move the player close to the mesh. It properly streams the higher mips in (video 0:02-0:03)

For debugging, could you try spawning a gate mesh from blueprints next to your player and see if this also has the same issue

Hi Ali,

Thank you for an amazing product. I’m using the snap builder and had a few questions. I’m sorry if I missed this information from earlier in the thread.

You mentioned you would exposed the snap configuration to blueprints?
I would like to be able to specific rooms for not just the start and end but at certain points through out the map. Further or closer to the start. Does Snap builder number the rooms?(ie in a 10 room level the start would be room 1 and the end room 10.) If so can we get access to that number?

Order- Is there a good way to get the room order after the level is built? If the level had 10 rooms it would be useful to know if the NPC units were in room 2 vers room 9. How can we do this currently?

Hey Ali,

Me and another guy in discord were having issues with runtime generation for multiplayer games. Could you maybe look into doing up a blueprint geared towards more than one playable character being in the map at once? TIA

@GameMaster79 I’ll expose the tree that makes up the snap level so you can traverse from room to room (and branches) in BP

Multiplayer Demo

Added a new Multiplayer demo in the quick start guide. (You’ll need to download the content for 2.6+)



Great example, have it working, except it always teleports one out of the loading room. Besides, is it possible to have players join the dungeon at a later time, with that seed?

So this works for me with the teleporting (will add a integer for max player later, testing with two), added directly after the prefered location variable.

Is there a guide/tutorial on how to best spawn pawn actors and nav mesh into a runtime dungeon?

Not sure if this is the correct way but, placed a nav mesh into the scene (using dynamic navmesh settings), and then added this


This has stopped. I had some older selectors that perhaps was causing the problem. They compiled, but I wasn’t using them. They were probably created about a year ago. Sorry I didn’t save them so you could investigate but I just decided to clean everything up to see if the problem would go away and it did. I didn’t expect that to work (since they compiled) but that’s the only reason I can see that this problem was happening.

Testing with enemies the multiplayer demo, using

Work in progress.

Apologies. I have been out of the loop for a while. Want to get back on to updating this. If I missed any hopefully some folks will point them out. Or if someone wants to help moderate it from here let me know and I will grant access to adding to it. I just don’t want to open it up to everyone or we could end up with spam or what not.

Very useful, thanks for sharing!
[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION]
Destructible dungeon actors do not seem to work, though alternatively i use destructible blueprints (With event on fracture) and spawn them on the ground marker, which seems to work well.

We think we’ve solved this now, Ali. If you have a theme that spawns a static mesh actor and also spawns a blueprint actor with a static mesh component with mobility set to ‘movable’, and both use a static mesh with the same texture, then that texture wont stream correctly. The fix for us was we had to go into all our blueprints and make sure the static mesh components in them had their mobility set to ‘static’. If the blueprint had a ‘movable’ root component, which means the static mesh components must be movable then we had to dup the texture for that mesh.



@unit23 Could you try the updated multiplayer demo? The one I uploaded earlier was from the previous version and not the one you see in the video tutorial

Ryan, thanks for the followup post. I’ll add this to the docs

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