Dungeon Architect

BrianMay, TechLord, D-Memory, Thanks!

Micheal Nolad, Thanks! :slight_smile: The editor wouldn’t have been possible without your awesome training video Extending the Editor. I found it very useful.
Yes, it’s a nested graph with some root nodes called markers, which are just 3d points in space, that the algorithm lays down all over the map when building the dungeon layout (walls, ground, doors, stairs etc).
Then this graph is used to decide how the meshes are attached to these marker points in 3d space. Users can define their own markers and emit them out of meshes

In the example above, the Wall marker has three variations of wall meshes. One of these meshes has a window. So I’ve created a custom “Window” marker and attached curtains to it and added a “Window Marker Emitter” purple node out of that mesh. So, if that type of mesh is placed in the scene, it would also place a window marker along with it, which would then run the logic defined in Window
You can have a graph of arbitrary depth, as long as there are no cycles

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Very cool & amazing plugin , more Wall , ground object can be added ?
In your graph , can you add more node with control (Example : New node for torchlighs) or it’s need more work ?


Hehe! See how important the tutorials are Epic! There’s no effort going in vain! Guess it’s a little like the butterfly effect

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This is awesome. Any other features you plan to add?

i’m really interested to get this plugin, it’s possible to remplace all the meshes and texture with my custom ones ?

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Love this! Looking forward to seeing more.

This is great ! Cant wait to see how it works out :smiley:

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Awesome work

This looks great! Really keen to see the video!

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New video uploaded

Tom Looman, I’ve added the ability to manually modify the dungeon within the editor. This gives the artists a lot of control (In the above video at 29:10)

allaze-eroler, yes you can replace all the meshes with your own by defining a theme data asset. I’ve uploaded a new video that shows this

WolfSpinach, uploaded a new video :wink:

Hey Ali, this looks really cool! Nice work, and I can’t wait to see more progress!

Thanks Mortusnyte!

I’m already wondering when I can throw money at Ali’s face :smiley:
If it will be free, it’s even better, but if you decide to make it paid, I am willing to do it without hesitation. I needed a random dungeon generator in my game and this would be perfect!

SethPDA, Thanks for your support! :wink:

Bought the Top-Down Sci-Fi pack from ManufacturaK4 and created a new theme. Updated with new screenshots. The level was generated procedurally with a single click

The above level was created after defining the the following theme:

Added light nodes to the theme graph editor. Point lights and spot lights can be procedurally generated along with the level