Dungeon Architect

Maybe not only roguelikes. DA can generate within in the editor. So even a normal level could be just generated, especially if it’s meant to be big.

Definitely not only Roguelikes. While I don’t intend to use it for the main open world/city in my project, I do think it can be very useful for interiors like generic apartments or similar, most likely even more beyond that.
Maybe even parts of the town could profit from DA, who knows, I haven’t tried the plugin and I’m waiting for the official release ^^


Love the plugin mate, been testing it out hte past couple of days.

I have a feature request - I’d like to be able to use tiles that aren’t strictly the defined size, but multiples of it, e.g., a double or a quad tile that takes up the space of 4 normal sized tiles.

This looks great Can’t wait for it to be approved. Even a decent rice point too. Sounds Amazing.

@n00854180t Thanks for trying it out. You can use selector blueprints to do it. I’ll update the docs and a sample demo soon

Multi-Story building created using Dungeon Architect

Heres an example of how a multi-story building can be created using Dungeon Architect. Each floor is a separate dungeon and the building actor has configurable number of floors.

Theres also a Door marker which places a door and instructs dungeon architect to place a room behind the door, which would then connect this room to the rest of the floor’s dungeon

This example also shows how you could use a negation volume to constraint the dungeon creation to a certain bounds (i.e. bounds of the building walls). The building glass walls is another dungeon actor with a single platform volume to draw the glass walls

The building can be resized with width/length and can be moved around, including elevation.

Next is to connect the floors together using a lift (which should be easy). I’ll post it in the next update

I’m taking an off for the next 4 days :slight_smile:

Ohhh yeah, I haven’t looked at those at all. Docs would be mucho helpful!

One reason I need that feature is because I’m trying to use Luos’ Modular Cave pack with the Architect, but the size of the meshes is not strictly built to a grid, so some pieces are 512x512, some are 1024x512, etc.

This is nothing less than amazing! Great work! :smiley:

I really hope I can afford Dungeon Architekt as soon as it gets released on the marketplace, it looks like it could save me a lot of time, especially with the city I have to create for my project.

Really looking forward to trying this! Hope it gets added to marketplace soon, or at least that I am granted beta access =)


For the selector methods, I think it’d be useful to have Is On Edge and perhaps Is In Interior. Right now it makes some fences in the interior I’d like to get rid of.


Found a bug, if you select a mesh node or actor node and hit Ctrl+X to cut, then Ctrl+Z to undo, it crashes the editor.

Also it would be great if we could get a way to spawn things into only rooms of a given size, as well as access the affinity value for a node inside the selector. I tried to work out a way to spawn stuff into the center of rooms of a certain size, but using a selector seems to override the affinity.

Very nice! I’m assuming the exterior walls/windows works like the rest of the system for random generation (i.e. random windows/walls/etc)?

Any news on when this will hit the marketplace? Is there somewhere I can vote for it to be included?

Seriously can not wait for this I am super excited! I have submitted in the form and I have my wallet ready :3

Looking forward to throwing my money at this. Epic. Please approve this soon!

@n00854180t Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the heads-up. There’s an undocumented marker named “RoomOpenSpace” that is spawned in the center of each room. I’ll add it and other stuff if it is useful. From here you can get the size of the room (from the cell structure) and place your custom stuff here. I’ll post a sample soon.

That sounds like exactly what I need, thanks man :slight_smile:

Added the ability to Override the material on a mesh node

The following scene was generated with a theme that contains a single cube mesh with different materials overridden in the node

I haven’t heard from Epic yet. I’ll sell it directly through Sellfy soon to continue funding further development

Well my wallet is ready! Bahaha, So do you have any other ideas as in plugins that you might be making or wanting to make? Just curious as your current stuff is pretty much vital to most projects so hoping to get a heads up on your next stuff :stuck_out_tongue: