Dungeon Architect

@dkoding actor scaling issue is fixed

I’ve uploaded 2.4.0 to the website. I’ll test on Mac and submit to Epic for marketplace update

Version 2.4.0

  • Clustered theming allows different themes to be automatically applied to different parts of the dungeon. This helps in adding variation to the level
  • Event listeners can now modify the marker positions before they are sent to the theming engine, giving more low level control
  • Added an experimental city builder to build simple city layouts
  • Added variations to the city builder by randomly merging nearby city blocks
  • City blocks of custom sizes are supported (e.g. 1x2, 4x5 etc). This helps in placing larger structures (e.g. parks, parking lots, larger buildings etc)
  • Fixed scaling issue with actor nodes
  • Fixed physics errors with certain actors while rebuilding the dungeon. Actors spawned by the actor node are not reused on a dungeon rebuild. Instead, they are destroyed and recreated to avoid physics errors
  • Dungeons spawn in the correct level when used with world composition, instead of always spawning in the persistant level
  • Fixed lightmass warnings on light actors while building lighting
  • Added a helper function in the Isaac builder to clear the styling information from specified isaac room (useful for creating large spawn / boss rooms)
  • Added new misc examples in the quick start guide

Quick start guide has been updated for 2.4. You can download the new sample content (Misc examples) from there

Rad, thanks for the fix! It was a minor issue, but i’m glad you found it and fixed it.

Really happy for these bug fixes! Can’t wait for Epic to approve the new version.

Hi Ali,

I have my dungeon set for manual painting only, (0 cells) and am painting it at runtime. Problem is the cells never seem to combine to make a room. They stay areas with fences instead of rooms with walls. Did I miss something somewhere or is this a 2.4 thing?

Thanks Ali, looking forward to testing it!

Hello Ali Akbar, I’m curious if there will be an all-in-one pacakge for Dungeon Architect | Landscape Architect | City Architect?

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION]: City Builder … 10 points … it is awesome. I got a chance to work with it last night and it is really cool. I will upload a screenshot when I am happy with the final result.

Just a quick question for the meshes.

I am assuming the pivot points should be centered on the mesh?
What direction should the mesh be facing ideally? (i.e. x or y facing)

I need to modify the meshes I am using and just wanted to make sure I get it right and not waste time with multiple imports and edits. 8-}

I bought the plugin through the Unreal Marketplace. How can I download version 2.4 from the website?

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION]

Can City Architect build on uneven terrain? (I am messing around right now with my mesh based terrain, placing buildings manually and wondering if City Architect would make my life easier :o )

Hi, we just bought this and were extremely excited at using snap builder. It seems that we’re also having problems with a project using source control (perforce), as it works as expected on non-source control projects. I’ve pasted the error below. We aren’t programmers so a lot of this goes over our heads.

Thanks @TechLord. Let us know what your create!

@Justin.Dooley it’s been that way since the start. The paint tool needs more work. I’ll add a way to paint different types of cells (rooms, corridors etc) in the near future

@TechLord They will work nicely with each other and hopefully other third party plugins. I don’t plan on merging them in a single package

@qdelpeche I believe they face X. You can also rotate along Z in the mesh node instead of reimporting

Edit: Just confirmed the road mesh marker faces X axis (aligned along the X axis)

I’ve sent you a PM with access.

@motorsep Sure, you can do that with dungeon event listeners. After DA generates the layout and emit markers, you hook into the OnMarkersEmitted blueprint function. Then take each of the markers, and clamp them on the landscape (or you landscape mesh). This can be done with a line trace to see where it collides to find the Z on the XY position and move the marker along Z. Then those markers are sent to the theming engine and they places your buildings correctly on the landscape.

Let me know if you need a working sample

@rctorres The snap builder will undergo major changes in the coming days (to make it more stable and flexible) Please use it after that (2.5+)

I’m huge proponent of Procedural Everything and would vote highly for a integrated product or User Interface. Its the sort of design I’m aiming for with my own plugins. But, I can understand the additional work load involved. Anyways, keep up the awesome work Man!