Dungeon Architect random list mesh

Hello everyone

I wanted to know how to create an object list for use in plugins dungeon architect

I would like it to choose randomly in a list either the wall 1 2 3 ect

If any one can give an indication to follow thank you.

  1. don’t make a separate thread for a question regarding something that already got a discussion.

  2. break a marker into 3 meshes. Each of them CONSUMES on spawn. They are being fired in an order you can see. set propability for the last one 1. For the second last one 0.5. For third 0.333. You get it?
    What it will do when setting up the wall is take the first mesh… check for 1/3 random check. if failed go to second mesh… check now for 50/50 random check. and if it fails it must pick the last one.
    It’s schoolgrade math :wink: (1out of3)
    Hope that helps.

merci je vais essayer saThank you I will try this