Dump current Modular Synth settings to preset

Apologies if this is really obvious to seasoned BP users (I’m very new to BP): I’m trying to set up a workflow that lets me quickly create/edit presets from a more musician-friendly interface, probably Max for Live in Ableton with a custom UI and lots of knobs/sliders/buttons mapped to hardware MIDI controllers. Then I’ll route virtual MIDI to UE from M4L, so I can hear my changes as I work, and ideally I’d be able to hit a UI button in PIE to save the current state of the synth to a new preset in an existing preset bank.

Is there currently any built-in means of doing this? Is it even possible to create a persistent asset from an action that takes place inside the game world? The preset bank .uasset is in a binary format, otherwise I’d generate it externally on the DAW side and import it later.

Any suggestions welcome, cheers!

You want to design those functions yourself in blueprints!

You can break the modular synth preset, and then I guess save like you would a save-game.

You don’t want to save the game - you want to write to the preset bank - so not all of it applies. I’m thinking you would want to get the array of presets, and add it to them. Don’t know how but it will happen in blueprints.

kjekkbart - great, thanks very much! I was trying to think of analogous situation in games, but foolishly didn’t think of save-games. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!