dumb question about transform location

ok i know, i’m dumb, so is this question, what i want to do, is to spawn this projectile with a certain axis location, for example, the projectile spawns in a horizontal direction like a typical gun, but i want to rotate to a certain point, randomizing the way it does, like a rifle does when shoots and and recoil affects the way fire spreads, and bla bla bla, my point is, to make this in unreal engine, is to get the world location from the object, this case, the projectile, and then change the values and pass those values to the spawn actor bp? correct me if i’m wrong, but the thing is, this isn’t working.

Sin título.png


Yeah, if you just want a random and slight rotation, this isn’t how you do that. I believe that function takes a world space location and then transforms it into a local space location.

Try this:

ooooh so i have to break the transform and then get the coordinates, thank you dude :slight_smile: