Dumb Newb Needs Help with Dumb Thing

Uh, hi. I’m an absolute beginner who’s taking an Info Tech class that (for some reason) has two game making projects in it. I feel incredibly dumb right now, since I can’t get the simple functions the teacher wants to work, so I’ve come here hoping someone will take pity on me. One involves Unreal, but since neither my books or my teacher has taught anything about Unreal, I’m stuck looking up tutorials. None of the tutorials I’ve found are exactly what I need, and my attempts to take bits and pieces of them and smash them together have only resulted in half working frustrations.

The part I’m working on right now is “Create a splash screen with a “Play” button that is displayed when the game is put in run mode. Add the appropriate functionality to the button.” This is part of a project using the 3D Platformer template, I have a simple splash screen with a button, but I can’t get the screen to go away, and my most recent attempt resulted in the button not responding at all. I have found many tutorials for start screens, but they don’t seem to be “splash screens” from what I can tell (I might be overthinking this), and the tutorials featuring splash screens don’t feature buttons, just “Press any key to close” style commands. My go at replacing that with the button resulted in the button not being clickable, for some reason.

After that, they want me to “Add bindings to allow the user to control the character with the WASD and arrow keys on a standard keyboard.” This is something that I can’t even find tutorials for, despite how simple it should be. I’ve been looking both online and in Unreal, but can’t figure out how the input system works for the character.

Again, I hate having to ask for help on such simple things, but I have no idea what I’m doing and need someone to walk me through it. Also If I made this post twice, it was a mistake, I couldn’t find this post after submitting so I posted again.

There is a tutorial for setting up player pawn WASD controls:

You can find all kinds of information and tutorials for the engine on Unreal Documentation page!

Here’s one for creating a menu system:

And here’s a link to the main documentation:

Hope this helps, good luck!