Duel suggestions after watching 2016 Summer Series Cup

After watching the very exciting cup finals @ Twitch on DM-Erase, I have come up with some suggestions for Duel that could possibly make the gametype overall more fair and balanced without having to give the player 50 armor at spawn. This suggestion came about when I observed Dylan chasing Scoreboard about halfway through the match gaining more or less “free points” against a weak opponent. I am in no way trying to demean Dylan or his playstyle as I have great respect for a duel player of his caliber and believe it is a fault of the game and not the player.

My suggestion as follows:

A player who is killed in a duel match is granted invulnerability (spawn protection) for an undetermined period of time until he/she picks up both a 2nd weapon and one free ammo pack for any weapon in either order. This will grant a period of time where a player can safely navigate through a map at spawn to choose a weapon that best serves their strategy in combat and also have enough ammo to finish the job. If an armor or health is picked up during this phase the spawn protection will be toggled off instantly. If a player shoots their enforcer to attempt to finish off their enemy from a spawn, this will also toggle the spawn protection. I know spawn protection has been an issue in the past and their should be counter-measures to prevent newly spawn players from abusing the system which is an issue that would have to be tested thoroughly.

Better post that on UTs own forums here: Unreal Tournament Forum Downtime

Although I doubt that suggestion will go well. Any player can get into that situation and it’s up to them how to get out of it without getting killed before they have means to fight back. The biggest downside of your proposition is that with unlimited invulnerability period player may willingly avoid taking anything if they are in the lead. Even having a time-limited spawn protection is a bad idea since if this kicks in for the leading player at the end of the match (even if he’s not actively delaying protection toggle), the losing player pretty much will be denied any chance for a comeback unless it’s a lead by 1-2 frags.