Dude, where are my actors?

Unreal newbie question:

I have inherited a project which contains a model of room full of furniture, lamps, walls, ceiling etc.
In the editor, everything is visible. I added lighting, atmospheric fog and sky myself. There is a Player Start.

When I press Play, nothing is visible except the sky and fog that I added. The room has completely disappeared, and I am floating in space.

I tried adding a new cube, and I can see it. So there is something about the existing actors which is different to new things that I’ve added to the project. However, going through the actor properties, I can’t see anything different that would be relevant.

I’ve tried re-building everything.

There are no level blueprints.

What is going on?

It could be the option ‘Actor Hidden in Game’, which hides actors only when you play.
If this is unchecked the actors should be visible.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I can’t see that set on any of the actors. I’ve done a search in blueprints and can’t find any mention of SetActorHiddenInGame either.

Inside blueprints its called slightly different; ‘Hidden in Game’ If you search for actor it won’t show up.


Ah, I figured out it was to do with sub-levels not set to “Always Streaming”.