Duck Hunt?

It seems like an easy game to put together with basic UR knowledge, I am using the basic FPS starter and want to be able to lock the camera and move the crosshair. Locking the camera is no big deal, but I can not get the crosshair to move across the screen. Any suggestions?

That crosshair is just a texture that hangs on screen. Like a note you stick to your monitor. You can try to make it have a real location on screen (not in game level,a X,Y axis based on screen location.) then you set this location depends on mouse cursor location. If you make cursor invisible,you will get what you want. But still you need to adjust firing direction on crosshair location and movement of arms/gun.

Thanks for the reply. So to make the gun shoot at the cursor, get the x,y location of the cursor and make that the target. I think I got it, thanks

Hi RichF, did you get this mechanic working?