DualStick Shooter

(Update 06/09 : new video
(Update 06/01 : new video
(Update 05/25 : new video

Hi everyone !

I work on this little game for leaning blueprint.
Really fun to do :slight_smile:

Very cool! I might try to make something similar myself. Seems like a good learning experience.

Very nice work koola! Looking forward to the finished project. :cool:

Wow looks like fun already!

I’ve loved those since dead nation

This is really well done, it reminds me of a more advanced Boxman!

That looks great!

You could build this into something akin to the first syndicate game and soldat :smiley:

Excelent job Koola. Did you use the top down template or did you start from zero? And are you using a dual-stick gamepad to test?

I’m digging the blocky style, keep at it!

Thank you all :slight_smile:

khelegond, I started from zero, but I look all the templates/demo/tutorials to know how to start (and yes, i’m using a gamepad).

Now I’m working on more type of ennemies and some powerups … new video on sunday :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us on Sunday.

New video :slight_smile:

Great progress!

YES! That looks great! The best part is that you already have the art done :smiley: Keep it up. I’m loving the focus on gameplay. Some really fun ideas and smooth, clean execution.

Also… Co-Op? :smiley:

Nice work! Looks really good.

New video :wink:

I dig this :slight_smile: Subscribing to this thread.

When UE4 is a little easier to develop ios on Windows I’ll be doing a twin stick shooter. They’re always good fun! I started one with UDK but never finished it.

This is coming along very nicely.

Very Nice. I can easily see this transforming into a reboot of one of my all time favorites: Heavy Barrel. Keep up the great work.