Dualshock 4 plugin

Hey guys. For my project, I’m planning to release on the PS4, so I need to get my hands on the Dualshock 4 plugin for UE4, which is what I presume I’ll need to make use of the lightbar, touchpad, sixaxis, and just general input in UE4.

I’m having trouble figuring out where to get it, or who to talk to for it. I need some guidance here, because my google searches have not been giving me a lot to go on. If I need to ask Sony for it, what’s the email address to send the request to or the phone number I need to call?


There isn’t anything like that for UE4, if you want to develop for PS4 you need to get approved by Sony, once you do that you can contact Epic and they will give you access to a build of UE4 that supports PS4.

UE4 works right out of the box with DualShock4. All the input events are generic, like “Face button down” or “thumb stick x-axis”. But yeah, developing for PS4 on the other hand, you need to contact Sony.

To get Started with the PS4 dev, you need to become a PS4 partner. You will basically need a small company, a static IP and a private domain + email.