Dual Pistols - spawn, attach...


Im trying to spawn and attach dual pistols to my character.
Do someone have idea what is the best approach for this?

I tried to spawn first pistol and inside pistol BP i tried to spawn second pistol and attach it to owner’s mesh. First weapon can spawn second weapon, but i cant use “get owner” node as owner for second weapon (for some reason engine cant process this). Maybe im doing it all wrong…

Can someone only tell me which way i should do this? (maybe spawning 1 actor with 2 skel meshes?)

You should definitely take the approach of keeping it a single actor, but add two skeletal meshes that will alternate their firing animations and such.

Yes, its working fine :slight_smile:

my SOLUTION for other ppl googling:

I created actor with 2 skeletal meshes. On begin play im attaching [actor dual pistols] to pawn’s right hand and im using “world” location attach, in “dual pistols” bp, im attaching second skeletal mesh to pawn’s left hand with “relative” location attach. For FX shooting im using “Flip Flop” node where im getting muzzle transform from first and then second weapon…

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