Dual kit ram or single ram?

I will buy a ram for my ddr4 system;

I saw 2 another ram in same price;

1-KINGSTON HX421C13SB/8 HyperX Savage Black DDR4-2133Mhz C13 8GB (1x8GB) (13-13-13) 1.2V Bellek

2-Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) HyperX FURY Black Series DDR4 2666MHz CL15 1.2V XMP Ram

Whic one is better?

My motherboard supports 2133 mhz max.

You can usually achieve better performance with dual-channel/kit RAM, but if I were you I would NOT get the 2x4, since your motherboard likely only supports up to 4 sticks, meaning you can’t have more than 16GB of RAM in the future with 4GB sticks.

It’s not a significantly critical thing… Single Channel vs Dual Channel, the results show a ~20% for synthetic benchmarks, and relatively none for standard tasks. Just get the most memory fastest memory that your motherboard supports.

Thanks for your answers.

I will buy 4x2 because I don’t want 16gb ram in the future.

Computer parts are too expensive in Turkey,don’t come here :smiley:

@SoloWarrior I’m near, at Greece. Parts are expensive as well here :P.