Dual Joystick T16000 Raw Input Help

G’Day all,

Very new to unreal engine, but have also looked everywhere for a solution to this and nothings popped up unfortunately.

Basically I am trying to use two joysticks for a project I’m working on and having difficulty collecting their inputs in unreal engine.
The two joysticks are coupled together using T.A.R.G.E.T software, which effectively combines the two joysticks outputs into one.

When using this software, the outputs show up correctly in all software (HTML 5 gamepad tester, windows output, TARGET device analyzer) EXCEPT unreal engine, where the axis values go haywire and some don’t even work.

Ive configured the RAW INPUT and input as attached in the defaultinput,ini file. (renamed txt)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, even a tip of how to get 2 different joysticks to work…

Can anyone help on this? Still no solution on my end :frowning:

I know it’s been a long time but dis you finally find a solution ? I’m trying to do the same thing

Just dropping a comment in here so that I will get notified if you get an answer. I’ve also been trying to work with joysticks, not the one you mentioned and I’m having a different problem, but still … every little bit helps.