Dual Graphics Cards Optimization

**Hey Everyone,

I’m relatively new to Unreal and I notice that on start-up of the Editor my CPU usage bolts up to 100% and then levy’s around 30-75% depending on what I am doing within the editor. I was curious if there is anyway to lighten the load on the CPU since I have dual graphics cards or if there is a better way to optimize the software to work better with my GPU’s?

My rigs specs are:

Intel i7-4790k @4.00 GHz (I don’t have it overclocked)
Windows 64 bit
NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti x 2 (SLI linked)

Is this CPU usage along the lines of what everyone else is seeing? And would anyone know of a way to lighten the burden of high CPU usage by putting more of the load on the Dual graphics cards (if that is possible, of course)?

Thanks so much for all the help

**Edit note: I also notice that my second card isn’t running at all when Unreal Engine is open, so I’m curious if an SLI linked GPU will work or if it’s something I can enable? **

While the GPU is becoming more useful for things like rendering and physics calculations, there’s a lot of things in the editor/game that can only run off the CPU, you can’t utilize the GPU for that. They serve different purposes–many software operations benefit from a single fast thread whereas the GPU is a benefit when you have many small calculations.

As far as SLI goes, editors don’t use that type of feature, but the final game can have SLI support which you can also work with Nvidia to have official SLI support for your final game so that everyone could play your game with SLI.

Just as a side-note: SLI is AFAIK going to be deprecated and will most likely be removed in the future.
However, Vulkan supports/is going to support Multi-GPUs