Dual Core cpu


i would like to know if i could run UDK4 on a Dual core running at 3,2 mHZ.

I am thinking of upgrading my older system with a bit of ram and a new graphics card, probably a gtx 480 or 580.

I will then have a system with

CPU : 3,2 gHZ
Graphics : gtx 480
Ram : 6 GB DDR2 800

I know this might be an annoying question , but i was not able to find any good answers for me,
so im asking this because i wanted to be sure before spending any money.
I would just love to use udk4 and i feel lucky that the project i was looking forward to start in udk3
havent started concrete implementaion yet.

I would be very thankful for answer(s).


(Sorry for my english)

I think i should run question is rather how fast, check this thread where people feed-backing on various specs