DSLscripts - 3ds max script pack

Hi UE community!

For the past months I’ve been working an a huge compilation of tools I’ve been developing during my years working with 3ds max. I’m calling the script pack DSLscripts and currently consists out of more than hundred various scripts.

Currently the script pack is unpublished, but I’m planning on releasing a test release consisting of the animation-related tools of the package. In the end I indent to release it as donationware.

So what does DSLscripts contain?
DSLscripts contains a wide range of tools of various complexity. The main emphasis is not to provide cutting edge technology, this is not tyFlow, but instead improve areas and workflows that native 3ds max lacks.

I’ve made a comprehensive list of tools and examples contained within the package over at CG Society: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/dslsc…t-pack/2059155
The list is getting too long to maintain within one single post there, so I’m currently looking for a better platform to publish a complete index of everything, including documentation of the tools.
I’ve so far published twelve videos on mostly the animation tools of the package, even though many of the tools have been updated and improved upon since the publication of these videos: DSLscripts on Vimeo

Currently I’m using a dedicated Facebook page to post info about updates and additions to the package Redirecting...

Those using 3ds max for layout of environments, and creating and managing animation, I believe DSLscripts provides many useful tools that native 3ds max simply lacks completely.

For example, the animation category provides tools for quickly copy/pasting keyframe data, including between 3ds max sessions:

Quickly duplicate with automatic offsetting:

Scaling of keyframes:

Flipping keyframes:

Keyframe optimization:

Fast intelligent renaming of objects:

Intelligent UV placement (automatic grid, snap support and ratio constraints):

Quick and convenient way of saving/loading material libraries to/from files (supports both Slate and classic Material Editor):

This is just a handful of the tools, so be sure to check the CG Society tread for a more comprehensive list https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/dslsc…t-pack/2059155, the more detailed video examples on DSLscripts on Vimeo, and Redirecting... for the latest status of the project.

I hope you will find these tools useful. Stay tuned.