Dry Land

Hello everyone.
This is my latest project.

Video: [video][/video]

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Wow, love the aesthetics! Great form and geometry, great artistry and shapes.
I have similar problems with LODs popping in and out very noticeably. Not quite sure how to make them easier on the eyes.
The brightest parts of the scene are a bit overexposed. It looks like a purposeful choice, but makes it hard to see the form of the creature in the last screenshot up there.

Critique aside, I think it’s wonderful. Really feels like there is an interesting story behind it.

Thanks a lot StephaBon.
Lod’s of the stones is popping mostly because of the top layer material. Its desert after all i think it must be a bit bright.

the plants are great… but the rocks are just… well… awful… there seems to be a lot of mixed elements and styles… which confuses me… I do like it… but… there seems to be to many clashes… also… the lods are way to harsh

still great work

First off good work! I like where you are going with it! Things to work on - Altermind is correct, It feels like things are out of place. Silhouette is very important in art and games and the shapes you have give it a mixed feeling. I see what you are trying to do with the shapes but those rocks just don’t work. I’m not a color theory expert but the colors in this scene feel off, I think if you are trying to highlight the green plant then they need to be larger, brighter, or placed better. Overall still nice work, just needs some work :slight_smile:

Thanks. What is the problem with rocks?

Great work Ali!
I remember you from years back, when your work with Quest3D was such an inspiration for me!
Glad to see you here…

Thank you romfeo :slight_smile: