Drunky Astronut (for Android)

I know, I know, we don’t need any more Flappy Bird clones. This is my first game in over a decade and wanted to make something quickly to learn the basics of Unreal, and how to publish/monetize for Android. Give it a try, if you like!
It doesn’t have any game saves, which I know will be a criticism. Give me a break, I’m just getting started (and I’m super excited!).

Drunky Astronut at Google Play:

Lol fantastic.

Hei the game is gone from playstore google, what’s going on?

Hi! It was removed this morning because I used the name “Flappy Bird” in the listing. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t reference another game.
I’ll put it up again in about a week and add Google Play Game Services or a high score save. Thanks for trying to find and play it!