Drunk Vehicles physics

Hi all!

I’m literally getting mad due to setting up a movable vehicle.

I’ve checked the vehicle guide here on unreal doc and many vids about it, but still everytime that I build
a vehicle it bounces when it touches the ground.
I don’t know if I’m missing something in the setup, or it’s the model that I import from blender the problem.

Here there is the current fbx that im tryng to setting up in unreal.

I’m literally out of ideas :\

I’ve tried another time with [this][3] model (it’s the same essentiantly, but I’ve fixed some bones props).
I’ve also enabled into the tank_BP the option " use sync scene".

I really need to understand why it doesnt work :\

I’ve tried another time with the same mesh created in this video (it shows the procedure on UE4 - 4.17.2).
The vehicle acts in the same ( it turns around itself on the ground ), so I’ve understood that the model is not the problem (most likely).
What am I missing ?

I’ve resolved finally! I’ ve removed all bones from my model then I added wheels as childs of the root mesh.

Now it works as intended !