Drow Multiple lines with thickness?

Hi i am working on a project where i need to draw multiple lines with custom thickness, i tried overrideing OnPaint and adding a Draw Line function there with 2variables, but it has no line thickness pin ?_?. And is there a simple way to make multiple lines, maybe add multiple functions?

Then i tried another Draw line function in the event graph but i couldn’t figure out what should go to the target pin(canvas reference)
At least this one has thickness and i would prefer drawing them from event graph. Now i am just really confused. I couldn’t find any useful information about drawing lines in unreal engine.

You can draw lines directly in the HUD, like so:

I created an array made of custom structs, each with 5 floats and a linear color: LinesToDraw
Populate the array with the line coordinates and run for each loop. Should do the trick.

I do not have a line thickness pin on this function???

And you are using 4.13?

I was using 4.10 i updated and the thickness option was there, thank you